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TRC's 2020 Recycler of the Year Awards

2019 - 2020 TRC Recycler of the Year Award Winners

The Tennessee Recycling Coalition with its Board of Directors is pleased to present the 2020 Recycler of the Year Awards. TRC's Recycler of the Year Awards recognizes individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses in the State of Tennessee that have demonstrated a commitment to waste prevention and recycling. We commend all of the applicants for their contributions and we congratulate the winners in each category.

Business Recycler of the Year: Florim

Government Recycler of the Year: West Tennessee Regional Recycling Hub

School (K-12) Recycler of the Year: Lipscomb Academy Lower School

Higher Education Recycler of the Year: Tennessee Tech University

 Recycler of the Year: Nashville Food Project

Tom Hattle Memorial Award of the Year: Keith Street

Video Entry Award of the Year: Refurban, link to video

Innovator of the Year
Brown Forman - Clifton Mill

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Recycler of the Year Award Winners

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